Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Watch Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 2 Online - Cobbler

Posted by Danielle Campbell
Television's most unlikely bromance has been rekindled. Episode two of the returning Better Call Saul found Jimmy McGill (Bob Odenkirk) and Mike Ehrmantraut (Jonathan Banks) – the mutually dependent yin and yang of the desert noir prequel to Breaking Bad–  mixed up in each other's business once more. Mike had a sticky situation that required fixing. Jimmy was itching to share with the world his encyclopaedic knowledge of pie fetishes. Just like that, they were thick as thieves again.


After last week's solid if sleepy opening, Better Call Saul has rediscovered its zany groove. Having earlier introduced viewers to the "Chicago Sunroof" – Google it or maybe don't – Jimmy was now banging on about "Hoboken squat cobbling". This was revealed to be a kinky sub-culture involving grown men wriggling in pies (a figment of show-runner Vince Gilligan's imagination, it hopefully comes as a relief to learn).

But amid the chuckles were intimations of darker days ahead. The lure of life on the wrong side of the tracks threatened Jimmy's otherwise flourishing relationship with Kim (Rhea Seehorn). We also reunited with McGill's dastardly/pitiable brother Chuck (Michael McKean), still with all the charm of a warthog sitting on a pointy object.

Yet amid renewed acquaintances came one significant farewell. Jimmy waved adieu to his mouldering Suzuki Esteem, replaced with a swanky Mercedes courtesy of new employers Davis and Mane.

As he sat in the gleaming Merc only to discover the cup-holder was too small for the "World's Second Best Lawyer" mug he'd received as a gift from Kim, it was as if the universe was sending McGill a message. A shiny S-Class was not where he was meant to be. Jimmy's destiny awaited him in the margins of polite society – in the world of beaten-up Suzukis and law chambers behind tatty nail saloons. He was running away from his true self. For how much longer could he keep it up? Here is what else we learned 
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Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Watch Better Call Saul Season 2 Episode 1 Online - Switch

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If you’re anything like me, you probably started out watching Better Call Saul excited to see Bob Odenkirk’s lawyer Jimmy McGill turn into the sleazy, funny Saul Goodman we all knew and loved from parent series Breaking Bad.
But by the end of episode 10, as Jimmy seemed to succumb to his darker instincts, I found myself mourning the loss of his innocence and hoping we could put Saul off a little longer.


Luckily for us, co-creators Vince Gilligan and Peter Gould clearly felt the same way, as this excellent opener for Better Call Saul series two swiftly puts the breaks on Jimmy’s turn to the Dark Side. After a bit of fooling around in a swimming pool, Jimmy decides to go for the fancy corporate job after all, and Saul is put off for another day.
It’s a credit to Gilligan and Gould that this swift gear change doesn’t feel overly forced, with Jimmy’s change of heart put in context as part of a deep-seated desire to impress his on-again off-again friend/lover Kim (Rhea Seehorn, below), his last tether to the respectable world after his brother Chuck (Michael McKean) stabbed him in the back last season.

I spoke to Bob Odenkirk recently and he told me that Seehorn’s character gets a lot more focus this year, which you can definitely see the beginning of in this premiere. Joining Jimmy for an impulsive scam in his downtime she finally lets her hair down, showing a wild side previously unseen for the character. And as the fun goes on, you can definitely see why Jimmy would at least try to clean up his act for her – even though I can’t help but feel the scars of Chuck’s betrayal last series have dug a little deeper into his good instincts.
And with the elder McGill hovering malevolently on the sidelines, you can be sure it won’t be plain sailing when Jimmy finally joins a respectable law firm. He’s got everything he ever wanted – but was it worth it after all?
Over the next 9 episodes, we’ll find out – and despite all the Breaking Bad callbacks and vaunted cameos, it’s the simple story of Jimmy that’ll keep us tuning in. It's good to be back. Watch Game of Thrones Season 6
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Saturday, 30 January 2016

Coming Back Soon Watch Better Call Saul Season 2 Online

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Better Call Soul Season 2 is going to airing soon, We are here to provide you each and every information abut this great tv show. You may watch all episodes of this second series. Now it is time for Slippin Jimmy who will fall back into day to day routine. When last time we notices Jimmy McGill he was fighting a almost losing battle. But a slippery past with nice intentions. Jimmy couldn’t catch a break, let alone a case, as he struggled to transition from charismatic con man to serious public defender, like his older brother Chuck. While his efforts were noble, Jimmy ended season one looking back in the rearview.

After a devastating betrayl from Chuck, Jimmy found more success slipping back into his old ways, on the road to his new life as the infamous Saul Goodman. If season 1 was about resisting the urge to do wrong, then Better Call Saul Season 2 looks to be all about reveling in that urge, with battle lines between brothers drawn and new and familiar friends alike waiting in the wings to get in on the action. Better Call Saul Season 2

Having plunged to the first of the many nadirs that await Jimmy McGill on his path to mustachioed, Omaha-based Cinnabon employee Gene—his insane recluse brother sabotaging him, his grift partner dying, getting arrested for indecent exposure—season two of Better Call Saul appears to find a nascent Saul Goodman on the rise and living his promise of not trying to do the right thing like some sucker. He's got a side hustle with Mike, the backroom nail salon business is thriving now that he started faking evidence (hey, Saul, there's a job opening in Manitowoc County for a guy like you!), and is that a brand new yellow car? Season two of Better Call Saul premieres on AMC on February 15.

One More good New for the fans of Game of Thrones Season 6 i.e it is going to air on 24th April, 2016.
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